Founded in 2002, the South Korean modern rock trio Loveholics released six studio albums during a decade-long run. The group's roster included Kang Hyun-min (an award-winning songwriter who had previously performed with the duo Ilgi Yebo), Lee Jae-hak (a former member of The Elephant), and Hwang Ji-sun. Together, the three musicians made their debut with 2003's Florist, a debut album that was credited to the band's original name, "Loveholic." Florist peaked at Number 11 on the K-Pop Album Sales chart while its lead single, "Come On," received a boost in popularity by appearing in Singles, one of the year's best-selling South Korean films. A follow-up record, Invisible Things, climbing to Number 15 one year later. The group then scored the highest chart placement of its career with 2006's Nice Dream, which rose to Number 6 and won the "Rock Award" at the 2006 SBS Gayo Daejeon awards ceremony. Although a compilation album, Re-Wind, was released later that year, Loveholic's progress was temporarily halted by Hwang Ji-sun's departure from the lineup in 2007. In her absence, Kang Hyun-min and Lee Jae-hak banded together under the revised name of "Loveholics" and released the Dramatic & Cinematic compilation in 2008, followed in 2009 by the group's final studio release, In the Air. Following In the Air's release, the two remaining bandmates split up and pursued their own careers, with Lee Jae-hak notably winning a Korean Association of Film Critics Award for "Best Music" with his score for the 2009 film Take Off. Meanehile, Hwang Ji-sun debuted as a solo artist with 2009's Mermaid... Come Home.

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