Backed by the Woolim Entertainment agency, South Korean girl group Lovelyz formed in Seoul in 2014 and brought together eight members: Yein, Baby Soul, Jiae, Mijoo, Jisoo, Kei, Jin, and Sujeong. That same year, they unleashed their first single, "Good Night like Yesterday", as well as performing live for the first time at Seoul's K-ART Hall in Olympic Park. Kicking off the start of their school-themed Girls trilogy, their debut album, Girls Invasion, was also released in 2014 and ranked seventh on the South Korean charts upon release. The following year, a new version of the album was re-released as Hi~ and contained two new songs, including the lead single of the same name. A mini-album, Lovelyz8, also emerged in 2015 and charted at number two in South Korea, accompanied by the single "Shooting Star". They topped off the year with a new single album, Lovelinus. In 2016, a reality TV show dedicated to the group was launched, accompanied by the release of the third mini-album, A New Trilogy, which went to number five in South Korea promoted by the song “Destiny”. The group's second studio album, R U Ready? was released in 2017 and rose to number two in South Korea while appearing at number 44 on the Japanese charts. That same year they released their third EP Fall in Lovelyz, propelled by its lead single "Twinkle". The Muse on Music compilation album landed in 2018, followed by fourth EP Heal (2018), fifth EP Sanctuary, sixth EP Once Upon a Time (2019) and seventh EP Unforgettable (2020). In November 2021, with the exception of Baby Soul, the rest of the group's members decided not to renew their contracts, which expired on 16 November. However, Baby Soul later confirmed their joint desire to potentially release albums together as Lovelyz in the future.

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