Originally known as "The End," the South Korean rock band Boohwal formed in 1985. Along with Baekdoosan and Sinawe, the band helped pioneer a new wave of heavy metal acts in South Korea throughout the late-1980s and 1990s, then broadened its sound to include more rock influences. Boohwal's success began with the band's debut album, Rock Will Never Die, which was released in 1986 and featured the hit single "희야." The vocals on Rock Will Never Die were performed by frontman Lee Seung-chul, who remained in the group's lineup for an additional album, 1987's Remember, before leaving Boohwal and launching a popular solo career. Many singers cycled through Boohwal's ranks following his departure, including Kim Jae-ki, who appeared on the popular single "사랑할수록" as well as the 1993 album Loss of Memory. Several years later, the group scored another hit with "Lonely Night," this time with Park Wan-kyu handling lead vocals. Like many Boohwal frontmen before him, Wan-kyu soon left the band's roster in favor of a solo career. Lee Seung-Cheol returned to Boohwal's lineup in 2002, appearing on the radio staple "Never Ending Story" and playing a major role in the band's shift toward power ballads and softer musical textures. The stylistic makeover helped maintain Boohwal's popularity, and the group released albums like 2003's Over the Rainbow, 2005's Lyrics, and 2012's Purple Wave with a variety of singers. Park Wan-kyu returned to the lineup in 2019, as the band prepared to records its fourteenth album.

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