Alternative rock quartet DickPunks was formed in Seoul, South Korea in 2006. The group was founded by keyboardist Kim Hyun-woo, who wanted to establish a piano-led rock and pop group without a guitarist. The rest of the group is made up of his longtime friends Kim Tae-hyun (vocals), Kim Jae-heung (bass), and Park Ga-ram (drums). DickPunks released their debut, 1st EP, in 2010 and followed that with the album DickPunks in 2011. Although the band had already built a following, they decided to appear on the televised talent show Superstar K4 in 2012 in order to reach a wider audience. Although the group did not win the competition, their ‘runner-up’ status brought them the commercial attention they desired. Their first release after the show had ended was the Viva Primavera EP (2013, which reached Number 4 on the South Korean chart. That same year, they released the “Sunglass” single, the song “This Man” (featured on the soundtrack of the TV series 2 Weeks), and the Hello Goodbye EP, which hit Number 8. They released 2013 Live Concert in 2014 and followed it with several singles before the release of the 29, EP in 2015. The following year, their song “Stars Fall on You” was featured on the soundtrack to Cinderella & Four Knights, Pt. 6. DickPunks released several singles over the next few years including “Special” (2019), “Cheers!” (2019), “Bicycle” (2019), “Parallel Lines” (2020), and “Addicted to TV” (2020) before issuing the Ordinary Days EP in 2020. In 2022, they released the Sum Times EP and a two-track live single.

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