Astro are a K-pop and hip-hop group formed in 2015 in Seoul, South Korea by entertainment firm Fantagio. They garnered attention in an online drama series titled To Be Continued and in the television reality show Astro OK! Ready. In 2016, they released their debut EP Spring Up, which went to number 4 on the Korean Chart and number 6 on Billboard's World Albums Chart. The EP Summer Vibes (2016) reached number 2 on the Korean Chart, Autumn Story (2016) peaked at number 6, Winter Dream'(2017) hit number 2, Dream Part 1 (2017) topped the chart and went to number 6 on the World Albums Chart, Dream Part 2 reached number 2 on the Korean Chart and number 5 on the World Albums Chart and Rise Up (2018) peaked at number 2 on the Korean Chart and number 5 on the World Albums Chart. Their 2019 debut full-length album All Light topped the Korean chart and hit number 6 on the World Albums Chart. The album's success was quickly followed by their first music show win for the song "All Night" on January 29. Expanding their reach, Astro debuted in Japan on April 3, 2019, with the EP Venus, which saw significant success on the Oricon charts. Despite facing challenges, such as member Moonbin taking a hiatus for health reasons in November 2019, the group continued to release hit music and achieve music show wins, with Moonbin returning to activities in early 2020. In the following years, Astro continued to make significant strides, releasing several successful albums and EPs, including Gateway (2020), All Yours (2021), Switch On (2021), and Drive to the Starry Road (2022), each bringing in music show wins and setting new records for the group. They also explored new ventures with sub-units Moonbin & Sanha and Jinjin & Rocky, achieving rapid success. The band faced a tragic loss with the death of member Moonbin in 2023, but its members continued to pursue individual projects, with Cha Eun-woo embarking on a solo concert tour and preparing for a solo album release, while Yoon San-ha planned intimate theater concerts. In 2024, Astro issued the single "Circles" to celebrate the 8th anniversary of their debut.

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