Canadian thrash metal band Slaughter formed in 1984 with Dave Hewson and Terry Sadler on vocals and guitar and Ron Sumners on drums. Two years later Brian Lourie replaced Sumners on the drum kit and Chuck Schuldiner came in on guitar. They were active until 1992, releasing the studio album 'Strappado' in '86, the live album 'Live Karnage' in '85 and several demos including 'Meatcleaver' in '84, 'Surrender Or Die' in '85 and 'Not Dead Yet' in '90. They reunited in 1996 to record a cover of the Celtic Frost song 'Dethroned Emperor' for a tribute album to honour the Swedish metal band. 'Strappado' was re-released in 2001 under the Nuclear Blast label and a new set of fans emerged who hadn't heard Slaughter's music before. They recorded the live album 'F**k of Death' in 2004 and then put out an album of hits, 'Tortured Souls', in 2007. After this they went their separate ways, Hewson forming a new band under the name Strappado.

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