Faye Wong

Often referred to as the ‘Queen of Canto-Pop’. She has released over 20 studio albums, three live albums, five EPs, a remix collection, and many compilations. Faye Wong was born Xia Lin (Ha Lam) on August 8, 1969 in Hong Kong. As a high school student, she recorded six albums, only released on cassette. She moved to British Hong Kong in 1987 and originally recorded under the name Shirley Wong. By the early 1990s, she became well-known for her Cantonese Pop recordings, which mixed mainstream Chinese pop with alternative music. Her early albums – including Everything (1990), Coming Home (1992), and No Regrets (1992) were recorded in Cantonese. Wong has recorded mostly in her native Mandarin since 1994. Some of her Mandarin releases include Decadent Sounds Of Faye (1995), Lovers & Strangers (1999), and To Love (2003). Extremely popular in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, and Taiwan, she was recognized by Guinness World Records in 2000 as the Best-Selling Canto-Pop Female Artist. She took a five year hiatus in 2005 but returned to live performances in 2010. She has collaborated with international artists like Cocteau Twins but only a few songs released in English. Faye Wong is also known as an actress, appearing in critically acclaimed films like Chungking Express (1994) and Chinese Odyssey (2002).

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