Kelly Chen

Kelly Chen is a platinum-selling Cantopop singer and film star from Hong Kong, where she was born as "Vivian Chen Wai-man" on September 13, 1972. She attended high school in Japan, returned to Hong Kong in 1994, and released the debut album Intoxicated Lover one year later. A mix of dance-pop, trip-hop, and acoustic songs, Intoxicated Lover climbed its way to gold status on the strength of hit singles like "It's None of Your Business" and the chart-topping "Whatever Will Be, Will Be." 1996 found Kelly Chen released new music to the Mandarin, Japanese, and Cantonese markets, and subsequent albums like 1997's A Movie, 2000's Paisley Galaxy (which featured the hit single "不如跳舞"), 2004's Grace & Charm established herself as one of the most popular singers in East Asian. A multi-time winner of "Asian Pacific Most Popular Hong Kong Female Artist" at the Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards during the early 2000s, she earned a chart-topping hit throughout Hong Kong and mainland China with the 2005 single "Hope," which was named "World's Most Popular Cantonese Song" at the TVB 8 Awards Presentation. Meanwhile, she also starred in movies like 2008's An Empress and the Warriors, joining Jackie Chan as one of the highest-paid Chinese performers during the late 2000s. During the 2010s, she focused mostly on the Cantonese market with albums like 2013's Reflection, 2016's And Then, and 2018's Watch Me.

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