Clutch are an intense American rock band, influenced by Led Zeppelin, who emerged from Maryland in the 1990s. They have toured successfully and released almost a dozen albums even as members have played with other groups along the way. Original vocalist Roger Smalls was soon succeeded by current lead singer Neil Fallon who signed on with founding members Tim Sult, Dan Maines and Jean-Paul Gaster. Their first album in 1992 was titled 'Transnational Speedway League' followed by an eponymous release in 1995 and 'The Elephant Riders' in 1998. After the turn of the century, they put out 'Pure Rock Fury' with the title track released as a single. It registered on rock radio as did follow-up singles from the album such as 'Careful With That Mic', 'Immortal' and 'Open Up the Border'. Critical approval came with the 2003 'Live at the Googolplex' and collection of rarities, 'Slow Hole to China'. The 2004 album 'Blast Tyrant' produced the single, 'The Mob Goes Wild', which benefited from a well-received video. Organist Mick Schauer joined the group for the albums 'Robot Hive/Exodus' in 2005 and 'From Beale Street to Oblivion' in 2007. Other studio albums since have included 'Strange Cousins from the West', 'Earth Rocker' and 'Psychic Warfare'. The latter two releases went to number one on the Billboard Hard Rock Albums Chart while 'Psychic Warfare', with songs inspired by sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick, reached number one on the Top Rock Albums Chart. Clutch have re-issued earlier albums - 'Slow Hole to China' in 2009 and 'Blast Tyrant' in 2011 - and two-disc concert album 'Clutch Live' in 2010. They released 'Strange Cousins from the West' in 2012 with 'Earth Rocker' following in 2013 and 'Psychic Warfare' in 2015. In 2018 they released their 12th album under the title 'Book of Bad Decisions'.

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