Black Flag

Explosive, angry and volatile, Black Flag took on the punk mantle in the 1980s and helped define the hardcore movement with their full throttle, nihilistic blasts of DIY rock thunder. Originally formed in 1976 by Greg Ginn and Chuck Dukowski, the band set up their own label SST Records to release debut EP Nervous Breakdown (1978) and were soon startling the life out of music fans in South California with their raucous live shows. Really taking off when Henry Rollins joined as front man in 1981, the band became icons of the punk sub-culture and produced the seminal albums Damaged (1981), My War (1984) and Family Man (1984). Black Flag split in 1986 having failed to cross over into mainstream success, but their legacy went on to prove a huge influence on bands such as Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers and the 1990s grunge scene. They remain legends of the US underground rock world and one of the most visceral live acts ever.

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