Rob Thomas

Although he has achieved enormous commercial success as the frontman for the multi platinum selling rock band Matchbox Twenty, the singer, songwriter and producer Rob Thomas has received his most significant artistic recognition outside of the band. In 2000 he won three Grammy Awards in his role as a co-writer and singer on Santana's hit song 'Smooth' which was the lead single off the successful album 'Supernatural'. Thomas is a prolific songwriter who once quipped "it's a lot easier to come up with ideas than it is to edit them" and has written material for artists such as Mick Jagger and Willie Nelson. Thomas's glittering career in the rock business is in stark contrast to his early life. He was an army brat, born in Germany to a GI father who brought the family back to the States when Thomas was six months old. His mother was an alcoholic and as a young teenager Thomas was abandoned by the rest of his family and left to care for his mother who was suffering from cancer at the time. He eventually dropped out of school and spent a short period in jail for car theft and for a time was homeless. After getting out of jail Thomas began to find a direction in life through music and after forming the band Tabitha's Secret went on to create Matchbox Twenty and built up his successful career as a performer. With Matchbox Twenty Thomas has had four studio albums with one making it to number one and the other three all breaking the top ten. He has also released three solo albums and had particular success with his 2005 single 'Lonely No More'. In 2015 he released his third solo studio album, 'The Great Unknown'.

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