Billed as the 1990s answer to the Grateful Dead, Phish created an eclectic fusion of jazz, bluegrass, funk, and rock and became famed for their free-form, improvisational live shows. Formed at the University of Vermont in 1983, the group was founded by Trey Anastasio (vocals, guitar), Jon Fishman (drums), Mike Gordon (bass), and guitarist / vocalist Jeff Holdsworth (who would leave in 1986), the group’s sound finally gelled in 1985 with the addition of Page McConnell on keyboards. Phish released their debut album, Junta, in 1989 and began to build a loyal cult following thanks to fans trading bootlegged cassette tapes of their gigs. After the release of albums Lawn Boy (1990) and A Picture of Nectar (1992), they moved from the US underground into the mainstream with concept album Rift (1993). Vowing to never play the same set twice, their live shows became legendary while albums Billy Breathes (1996) and The Story Of The Ghost (1998) made the US Top 10 and propelled their record sales to over eight million albums. After several more charting albums – including 2000’s Farmhouse (number 12), 2002’s Round Room (number 46), and 2004’s Undermind (number 13) - the band split in 2004 after a farewell gig to over 65,000 people in their hometown. Phish reunited in 2008 and celebrated their 25th anniversary with their 12th studio album Joy (2009). While not as prolific as they were during their initial run, the band continued to release studio albums including Fuego (number 7 / 2014), Big Boat (number 19 / 2016), and Sigma Oasis (number 116 / 2020). Alongside their studio output, Phish has also released over 40 live albums, and dozens of digital-only live archival releases.

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