Paul Van Dyk

Paul Van Dyk grew up in East Berlin listening in secret to forbidden radio stations before the fall of the wall in 1989. He trained as a broadcast technician and carpenter before becoming a DJ at underground techno club Tresor and quickly made it to the top as an electronic dance music DJ and producer, releasing debut LP '45 RPM' in 1994 and winning residencies at Germany's E-Werk nightclub, England superclub Gatecrasher and New York's famous Twilo. His second album 'Seven Ways' firmly established him as a leader of trance and follow-up 'Beautiful Place, Forbidden Fruit and Words' proved dance hits in both the UK and Germany. He has worked on tracks with bands as various as New Order, Inspiral Carpets, Tori Amos and Faithless, collaborating with Saint Etienne for club hit 'Tell Me Why (The Riddle)' in 2000. In 2003 he released album 'Reflections' with a further album 'In Between' in 2007 for which he won the Best Album Trance Award, charting at number two on Billboard's Top Electronic Albums Chart. He rounded off a successful decade by winning a Grammy Award for his music contribution to EA Games' 'Mirror's Edge', 'Need for Speed: Underground 2' and 'Grand Slam Tennis' in 2009. His sixth album 'Evolution' was released in 2012 and featured the collaborative 'Eternity' which he recorded with Owl City's Adam Young. He followed this with 'The Politics of Dancing 3' in 2015. During a performance at the 2016 A State of Trance festival in Utrecht, Van Dyk fell through a hole in the stage causing damage to his spine and brain. After a period of inactivity while he recovered from his injuries, he returned to the studio to continue his eighth album which he eventually put out in 2017 under the title 'From Then On'. He was asked to perform at the opening of the FIFA fan zone in Moscow ahead of the 2018 World Cup. Following this, he took up a residency at the Amnesia club in Ibiza before moving to headline the SHINE club night at Privilege's VISTA club.

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