Papa Roach

Combining hard rock with rap in the 1990s, Papa Roach developed into one of the most successful driving rock bands of the 2000s. The band had their beginnings in 1993 when Jacoby Shaddix met drummer Dave Buckner at a high school football game in Vacaville, California and ended up talking about music. They formed a group to enter a school talent contest and took their name from Shaddix's step-grandfather Howard William Roatch, who was known as Papa Roatch. They released their first recording - an EP titled Potatoes for Christmas - in 1994 and followed it with their debut album Old Friends from Young Years (1997), and established a growing reputation on prestigious support tours with the likes of Incubus and Static-X. However, it was their more melodic 2002 album Lovehatetragedy that established them as a major international force. Papa Roach followed that album with Getting Away With Murder (2004) and the hit single “Scars.” In 2008, the band's co-founder Dave Buckner was replaced on drums by Tony Palermo and they returned to the front line in 2009 with the album Metamorphosis. In 2010, their former record label Geffen Records released an album of Papa Roach hits titled ...To Be Loved: The Best of Papa Roach, but the band urged their fans to boycott the record stating that they were making no money from the sales. Time for Annihilation (2010), The Connection (2012), and F.E.A.R. (2015) followed, although the band were not achieving the same commercial success that they had experienced earlier in their career. By the time they released albums such as Crooked Teeth (2017), Who Do You Trust? (2019), and Ego Trip (2022), they began to see success again with number 1 Mainstream Rock singles such as “Help” (2017), “Born for Greatness” (2017), “Come Around” (2019), “The Ending” (2020), “Kill the Noise” (2021), “No Apologies” (2022), and “Leave a Light On (Talk Away the Dark)” (2023).

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