American pop-punk and indie rock band Mêlée was founded in 2000 and ran until 2012. Formed in Orange County, California, the band consisted of Ricky Sans (guitar), Chris Cron (vocals and keyboard), Ryan Malloy (bass), and Derek Lee Rock (drums). The band released and recorded a number of EPs before their debut album Everyday Behavior, came out on Subcity Records in 2004. After signing with Warner Bros. Records in 2006, Mêlée released their second album, Devils & Angels, which featured the singles, "Can't Hold on", and "Built to Last", which was a success internationally charting in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Their third (and final) album, The Masquerade, was released in 2010 and featured the singles, "The Ballad of You And I" and "On The Movie Screen", which reached Number 3 on The J-Wave Tokio Hot 100 radio chart. After their break-up, Ryan Malloy went on to form the rock band Punch Punch Kick, while Derek Lee Rock played drums for Ska punks Suburban Legends. Chris Cron perused a solo career, eventually appearing on season 11 of the American edition of The Voice in 2016. Ricky Sans eventually left the music industry becoming a video producer for Buzzfeed.

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