Lil Supa

Marlon Morales, aka Lil Supa, is a prolific Venezualan rapper and co-founder of the indie label VinilH Records. He's also part of the BAS.Y.CO. group and with GBEC in FUNDaMENTORS. Morales was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1985 and got his start as a breakdancer. He got involved with the group Niggaz Feel Da 'Hood before joining up with Dann Niggaz and Afromak to form the Supremacy Hip Hop Clan. Morales has embedded himself in the Latin hip-hop world, getting involved in the 'Cumbre Internacional de Hip Hop' in the mid-00s and performing across South America. Over the years Morales has shared the stage with other Latin hip-hop acts including Randy Acosta, Dj Vadim, Siete Nueve, Morodo, Nach, Psycho Realm, Obsesion, Wildchild and Toteking. His albums have included 'Supremacy' (2011), 'Serio' (2017) and 'En Vivo Madrid 2017' with Big Menu.

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