Leaves' Eyes

Leaves' Eyes is a symphonic metal band from Germany that was founded in 2003. Apart from front woman Liv Kristine, all the founding members are from the band Atrocity. The debut album Lovelorn was released in 2004. Vinland Saga followed a year later. It made its first chart entry in Germany at number 62. Musically, melodic parts alternate with growl passages. The album Njord is released in 2009. The longplayer climbs to number 30 in Germany. The albums Meredead (2011) and Symphonies of the Night (2013) were followed by the most successful longplayer to date, King of Kings. The album reached number 15 in the German charts in 2015. In April 2016, the band parted ways with singer Liv Kristine. Elina Siirala, soprano and founder of the Finnish melodic metal band EnkElination, takes over her role on the Leaves' Eyes microphone. The first album with the new frontwoman is released in 2018. Sign of the Dragonhead reaches number 21 in Germany and also hits the charts in Austria and Switzerland. The Last Viking, another album by Leaves' Eyes, follows in 2020. It then took four years before Myths of Fate was released in March 2024. The album made it back into the top 20 in Germany at number 17.

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