In 2019, the all-female rock band L7 emerged from a 20-year recording hiatus with the album 'Scatter the Rats'. The band, who had emerged during the late 1980s and built up a worldwide following during the next decade, had retired from performing in 2001. L7 never officially split up although Donita Sparks, one of the original founding members, had formed a new band called Donita Sparks and the Stellar Moment. Sparks had been a key figure in the band's success and had achieved a notoriety at the peak of the band's success for some outlandish and controversial behaviour on stage. This included Sparks removing half her clothing during a TV appearance on 'The Word', a popular UK arts programme and performing the remainder of the band's set naked from the waist down. In 2014, the band began rehearsing again for a series of live shows with the line-up of Sparks on guitar and vocals, band co-founder Suzi Gardner on guitar and vocals, bassist Jennifer Finch and drummer Demetra Plakas who had originally joined the band in 1990. The success of the live shows prompted the band to return to the studio and record 'Scatter the Rats'.

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