Alice Nine

Visual kei rockers Alice Nine was formed in Tokyo, Japan in 2004. Founded by vocalist Shou, guitarists Hiroto and Tora, bassist Saga, and drummer Nao, the group made their live debut in May 2004 and followed that with their first single, “Namae wa, Mada Nai,” two months later. Alice Nine issued their first EP, Gion Shouja no Kane ga Naru, in November 2004. After several singles throughout 2005, group issued the compilation Kasou Musou Shi, which collected previously issued tracks. Alice Nine’s first full length album, Zekkeishoku, was issued in 2006. The album was a success and rose to Number 13 on the Oricon Weekly Albums chart. After two hit singles – “Jewels” and “White Prayer” - they released their second album, Alpha, which hit Number 9 on the albums chart. Their next album, Vandalize (2009), reached Number 7, and was followed by the even more successful Gemini (2011), which climbed to Number 3. After the release of their album 9 (2012), Alice Nine signed to Nayutawave Records, Universal Music and released five singles throughout 2013 before returning to the album charts with Supernova in early 2014. Changing their name to A9 in 2015, the group released the EPs Ginga no wo to (2015) and Light and Darkness (2016) as well as the albums Ideal (2017) and Planet Nine (2018). Reverting back to their original name in 2019, Alice Nine returned with the albums Fuyajou Eden (2020) and Wonderland With Black (2020). Alice Nine released the Medley EP in 2021 before issuing their 11th album, Grace, in November 2022. Throughout their career, Alice Nine also released many singles, live DVDs, collectible items, and several compilations.

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