TVXQ is a South Korean K-Pop duo consisting of U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin. Initially a five-piece, the group was assembled by producer Lee Soo-man of S.M. Entertainment, who decided to find a new boy band to compete against other popular groups in the growing K-pop market of the early 2000s. U-Know Yunho, who was signed to S.M. Entertainment, had been in several failed groups over the years. He was put together with Max Changmin, Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, and Xiah Junsu to form the new group. They lived together for training and rehearsals. This led to the recording of their very first song "Thanks To," which they performed at the S.M. New Face Showcase event. Their first physical release was the single "Hug" on January 14, 2004; it debuted at Number 37 on the monthly MIAK chart. Television appearances bolstered the single's sales, and eventually, the group rose to prominence. They released their first full-length studio album Tri-Angle in October of that same year. This was followed by their second album Rising Sun (2005), which became the group's breakthrough hit, debuting at Number 1 on the Korean charts. TVXQ embarked on a headlining tour and increased their fandom across Japan by recording the seventeenth ending theme for the animé series One Piece. In 2006, they released "O"-Jung.Ban.Hap, their third Korean album, which was met with acclaim. TVXQ continued releasing Korean and Japanese albums, increasing their popularity in both markets; however, in 2009, the group split temporarily due to a legal dispute with their management. In 2010, TVXQ returned as a duo, consisting only of U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin. They released the album Keep Your Head Down (2011), which debuted at Number 1 on the Gaon Albums Chart. They embarked on a massively successful comeback tour, breaking attendance records in both Japan and South Korea. Over the following years, the group would release the South Korean albums Catch Me (2012), Tense (2014), Rise as God (2015), and New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love (2018), as well as several Japanese albums such as Tone (2011), Time (2013), and Tree (2014). 2022 saw the release of Max Changmin's solo EP Devil - The 2nd Mini Album, which was promoted with the single "Maniac".

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