StoryBots is an American children's educational media franchise best known for the Netflix series Ask the StoryBots. The StoryBots library includes educational TV series, books, videos, music, games and classroom activities designed to make foundational learning fun and encourage intellectual curiosity in children ages 3-to-8. Subjects cover a wide range of themes and feature a cast of characters called the StoryBots, who are tiny, colorful robotic creatures who have eyes on top of their head, eyebrows, rectangular bodies, have expressional semi-circles for heads that move with every syllable, long lines for limbs, circles for feet and have pincer-like appendages for hands that are either depicted as magnet shaped, half a square with a hole going out to make two fingers, simple lines, crab pincers or 9 shaped that live within computers, tablets and phones and help humans answer questions. After launching primarily online – and amassing more than 620 million views on YouTube – StoryBots launched its first television series on the Netflix streaming service in 2016. Now in its third season, Ask the StoryBots has won multiple Daytime Emmy Awards and an Annie Award, along with recognition from the Peabody Awards and British Academy Children's Awards, while also spawning a companion show, StoryBots Super Songs, and a holiday special, A StoryBots Christmas. Originally created by the entertainment studio JibJab, the brand later became part of StoryBots, Inc., an independent production company, which (along with the Storybots brand) got acquired by Netflix in May 2019 as part of an overall push by the streaming service into more educational and family-oriented content.

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