Squarepusher is the alias of Thomas Russell Jenkinson, a British DJ, producer, and long-running electronic musician who has scored hits on both the British and American dance charts. He was born on January 17, 1975, in Chelmsford, Essex. A talented bassist at a young age, he played in metal bands before developing an interest in house music and techno during the early 1990s. Inspired, he began releasing electronic music of his own, making his full-length debut with 1996's Feed Me Weird Things. The album reached number 10 on the UK Dance Albums chart and was followed by records like 1997's Hard Normal Daddy (which found him experimenting with jazz fusion), 2001's Go Plastic (which became his first album to break the top 100 on the UK Albums Chart), and 2004's Ultravisitor (which reached number 9 on the Top Electronic Albums chart in America, signaling Squarepusher's growing popularity in international markets). As the years progressed, so did Squarepusher's sound, which combined the fast breakbeats of drum and bass with synthesizers, live instruments, and a willingness to continuously evolve. 2006's Hello Everything, 2008's Just a Souvenir, 2012's Ufabulum, and 2015's Damogen Furies all reached the Top 20 of the Billboard Dance chart, and Squarepusher hit a new commercial peak in his homeland with 2024's Dostrotime, which reached number 54 on the UK Albums Chart.

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