Silly Fools

Hailing from Bangkok, Thailand, Silly Fools is an award-winning hard rock band fronted by vocalist Kritsana "Rim" Pandonlan. The group formed in 1995, featuring a different roster that included singer Natapol "Toe" Puthpawana and drummer Korbpob "Toey" Baiyam. As the group's popularity grew during the subsequent decades, guitarist Jakarint "Ton" Juprasert and bassist Thevarit "Rang" Srisuk became the only members of the band's original lineup to remain in Silly Fools. Despite the turnover of personnel, Silly Fools enjoyed immense popularity in Thailand, following the release of the 1998 debut album I.Q. 180 and its 1999 follow-up, Candyman. 2000's Mint became the band's career-launching release, with Silly Fools winning "Best Rock Group" and "Best Rock Album" at the 13th annual Seesan Awards. Silly Fools would go on to win "Best Rock Group" two more times, taking home the award for their fourth album, Juicy, in 2002, as well as their sixth album, The One, in 2008. Although 2004's King Size failed to win the same honor, the album featured hit singles like "Laew-Tae-Pah," "Neung-Deaw-Kong-Chun," "Kon-Tee-Ka-Chun," and "Mai-Wun-Mae-Won-Ma-Mak," which propelled Silly Fools to win the "Popular Thai Artist Award" at the MTV Asia Awards one year later. Although the group's role in the Thai mainstream had diminished by the early 2020s, Silly Fools still made appearance on the country's record charts, reaching Number 16 with the single "Orange" in 2020 and hitting Number 9 on Thailand's Top 100 YouTube chart in 2022 with the Benjamin Tuffnell collaboration "ฝัง จำ จม."

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