Pongsit Kamphee

A leader in Thailand's "phleng phuea chiwit" genre, Pongsit Kamphee was born in the Mueng district of Thailand's Nongkhai province on November 2, 1967. Inspired by Thai rock bands like Carabao and Caravan, he moved to Bangkok and launched his own music career with the debut album Thueng Phuean in 1987. The album's title track became a hit, and Kamphee earned more commercial success with his second album, Sua Tua Thee 11, in 1990. This album, too, became a significant hit in Thailand, largely driven by the successful single "Ta Lod Wela." After releasing 1991's Bun Terk Karn Dern Tang, Kamphee charted another string of hits with his 1992 release Ma Tam Sanya, which included the singles "Sutchai," "Thai Thoe Khuen Ma," and the title track "Ma Tam Sanya." This era marked the most successful period of his career, and he released a number of albums — including 1993's Yoo Trong Nee, 1994's Row Ja Klap Ma, 1995's Yak Kern Sawan, 1996's Sen Tang Sai Kao, and 1997's Kam Nerng Terng Ban — on a yearly basis throughout the remainder of the 1990s. Although he continued releasing studio albums and live records during the first two decades of the 2000s, his annual pace slowed slightly. Even so, he remained capable of reaching the Top 100 in his homeland, reaching Number 96 on the Top Thaïlande chart with "Toyland" in early 2023.

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