Los Bukis

Los Bukis are a Mexican grupero band, formed in Ario de Rosales, Michoacán, in 1971. Taking their name from a Yaqui language expression meaning "the kids," the group initially consisted of lead singer Marco Antonio Solís and his cousin Joel Solís, along with Jorge Dávila and Carlos Enrique "Kike" González. Also known as Casas de Cartón, their studio debut Falso Amor hit the shelves in 1975, marking the start of a prolific career that would span decades. Over the following years, new members joined the band, including José Javier Solís, Pedro Sánchez, Roberto Guadarrama, José "Pepe" Guadarrama, and Eusebio "El Chivo" Cortéz, adding more layers to their mellifluous brand of grupero music. Los Bukis' second album, Te Tuve y Te Perdi, came out in 1977, followed by a series of successful releases that solidified their status in the music industry. Notably, their album Me Volví a Acordar de Ti in 1986 sold around 1.35 million copies in Mexico and featured the track "Tu Cárcel," which reached number 3 on the Hot Latin Songs chart in the United States. The band continued to achieve commercial success and critical acclaim both in Mexico and the US, earning Grammy nominations and topping charts with albums like Si Me Recuerdas (1988) and Y Para Siempre (1989). Their influence extended beyond music, with lead singer Marco Antonio Solís starring in a 1989 film based on their Number 1 hit single "Como Fui a Enamorarme de Ti." Despite lineup changes and a hiatus, Los Bukis left an indelible mark on the Latin music scene. In 1996, the band members decided to part ways, leading to the formation of Los Mismos by the remaining members and a solo career for Marco Antonio Solís. After 25 years apart, the pandemic year of 2021 saw an exciting reunion for Los Bukis, as they came together for a livestream and announced a concert tour that broke records. In 2024, the group announced a residency at Las Vegas' MGM Park, celebrating their 50th anniversary in the music industry.

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