Gotan Project

Behind this worldwide success are three musicians with diverse talents and experience, and a shared passion for rhythm and dance. Argentine guitarist Eduardo Makaroff and two European DJs, Philippe Cohen-Solal and Christoph H. Müller, succeeded in blending the machines of electro with the raw soul of Argentine tango on the dazzling La Revancha del Tango (2001). While some purists cried scandal, the musicians were only too happy to listen to talk of openness and modernity, and are proud to have succeeded in this unlikely encounter between clubbers from trendy capitals and traditional dance. After a successful second album, Lunàtico in 2006, certified double gold disc, Gotan Project return with Tango 3.0 in spring2010. In October 2011,La Revancha en Cumbia entrusts the Argentinian electro scene with the task of remixing La Revancha del Tango . November of the same year sees the release of Gotan Project's first Best of.

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