Good Charlotte

Founded in 1996 by identical twins Joel and Benjamin Combs, aka Joel and Benji Madden, with a number of high school classmates, Good Charlotte was inspired by The Beastie Boys' 1995 Ill Communication tour and established themselves in Washington D.C. after playing the WHFS rock show in both 1998 and 1999. The band achieved mainstream success in 2003 following the release of 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous' and 'Anthem' and the single 'Boys and Girls' received considerable radio airplay in the UK, helping the band to crack the British market. Good Charlotte returned with the album 'The Chronicles of Life and Death' in 2004 which, despite reaching number three in the Billboard charts, failed to sell as many copies as their 2003 release. Drummer Chris Wilson departed from the band in 2005, officially stating health problems as the reason for his exit. However, the 2007 album 'Good Morning Revival' saw a new musical direction for the band, comprising a wider variety of styles than their previous releases. Their fifth album, 'Cardiology', was released in 2010 before they announced that the band would be taking a break. Joel and Benji went on to form The Madden Brothers and release their debut album 'Greetings from California' in 2014, which charted at well in New Zealand and Australia, achieving number two and one respectively. In 2015 they announced through the media that Good Charlotte were reuniting and they released their brand new single 'Makeshift Love'. Their sixth album, 'Young Authority', was released in 2016 followed by 'Generation Rx' in 2018 and the announcement of a tour for 2019.

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