Charles Aznavour

The son of Armenian immigrants living in Paris, Charles Aznavour was one of the most successful French artists, achieving huge success international success in his 80-year career. Apart from his big hits 'She' and 'Dance in the Old Fashioned Way', he wrote musicals, appeared in more than 60 films, made over a hundred records and wrote more than a thousand songs. His father sang in restaurants, his mother was an actress and the young Aznavour dropped out of school at the age of nine to pursue his dream of a career in entertainment. His big break came in 1946 when he was discovered by Édith Piaf, who took him on tour with her across France and the US and he was soon dubbed the French Frank Sinatra. His songs have been covered by a broad selection of artists, from fellow French star Mireille Mathieu to Jack Jones, who recorded an entire album of Aznavour songs, and Elvis Costello, who had a big hit with a cover of 'She'. His popularity continued through the 2000s when he had another hit with the 'Duos' album featuring collaborations with Céline Dion, Placido Domingo, Laura Pausini and Josh Groban. He teamed up with The Clayton Hamilton Jazz Orchestra in 2009 and then enjoyed further success in 2011 with 'Aznavour Toujours', his 50th studio album. 'Encores', which would be his final album, was released in 2015 and he embarked on a tour of Europe and America, which he continued for three years. On 1st October 2018 Charles Aznavour was found in his home in Mouriès where he had passed away at the age of 94. He received a state funeral in Paris attended by President Macron and former presidents Sarkozy and Hollande.

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